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What is geotargeting?
How do you determine geotargeting?
What are the different types of traffic you offer?
Current Traffic Geotargets Offered
Do you prevent or links in your network?
What methods do you recommend for tracking?
Where does your traffic come from?
What if the website contains sound?
What is a java pop?
Why is my Alexa traffic slow?
My do not match up.
What are the current targets offered?
Is your traffic Adsense safe?
Does your traffic show in Google Analytics?
Visits coming from the same ip.
What is the maximum amount you can deliver in one day?
I can't change my URL to a URL why?
What is the default starting date for a campaign?
Can I add multiple geotargets?
Can I add multiple targets?
I can't change my URL. Why?
How much will an Alexa rank increase with visitors?
Why did my traffic come in so fast?
How to create a shortened link.
Do you offer mobile traffic?
Do you accept as a means of tracking?
What is the maximum amount of days a campaign can run? is not tracking UK visitors.

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